About Dpi-tex
About Dpi-tex
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IBENA Textilwerke Beckmann GmbH is a leading German textile manufacturer of technical textiles with a speciality in digital fabrics, gauze, muslins, canvas for digital textile printing. The product range comprises a wide range of fabrics that have been developed for exhibitions, theatre, trade fairs to be printed with different solvent ink printing systems, UV inks an in dye sublimation or transfer print.

dpi-tex: digital fabrics, digital textiles for digital textile printing®
Digital textiles, digital fabric       

Fabric for digital direct print with solvent inks and UV inks

Dpi-tex® products, have been treated with a special coating that has been specially designed and adapted to solvent and UV inks. They are widely used on the following printing systems:

  • NUR
  • Salsa
  • Scitex
  • Vutec
  • Roland
  • Mimaki
  • Zünd UV-Jet
  • Durst Rho 160... ect.

Following to continous developments of printing systems, dpi-tex® fabrics are constantly tested on new machine types.

Fabrics for transfer print / dye sublimation

These dpi-tex® fabrics are specially imprenated for dye sublimation or transfer printing and remining shrink is very little.

Dpi-tex® fabrics stand out for their high color resistance, lightfastness and Die in diesem Verfahren bedruckten Gewebe zeichnen sich durch hohe Farbbeständigkeit, Lichtechtheit und washability. Dpi-tex® flag cloth excel in ther print through capability.

Fabric for digital direct print with solvent inks and UV inks and Fabrics for transfer print / dye sublimation

Our customers customers value dpi-tex® fabric because:

  • All fabrics are flame retardant or fire proof and certified according international fire standards and norms permitting their use in public buildings. Certificates include European DIN 4102 B1, French M1 oder Americain NFPA.
  • Seamless print on standard fabric width from 137 to 320 cm complimented with a number of individual fabric widths according to customers individual requirements
  • Wide range of different material thicknesses ranging from 70g/m2 flag cloths to 430g/m2 Canvas
  • Innovative impregnation and coating techniques bestow an extraordianary printed impression, sharpness and color luminosity
  • Bright white printing areas for intensive colors
  • Buckling resistance without white break
  • dpi-tex® flag cloths stand out for their extraordinary print through
  • Multi-coated fabrics allow a deep black without any white break
  • In contrary to PVC fabrics, the desired textile optic is remained and sometimes even accentuated
  • Dpi-tex® fabrics can be cut sewn, seamed, glued or furnished with eylets. Therefore they are suitable to be streched into frames, to disguise walls and ceilings or to be used within curtain systems or for back drops. They also can be laminated on other materials.

Close Contact to our customers is important for IBENAs customer relationship. Together whith you, we design new and innovative products based on individual demands.

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